Embassador Challenge

Ambassador Challenge

Aston University Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is a campaign to encourage student who lives in residences at Universities to be part of energy-saving and recycling competition.

The hall that saves the most energy and recycles the best wins an End of Year Party and we give out lots of Ben and Jerry’s in the photo competitions! and kitchens that are using their recycling facilities properly will get chocolate.

Energy saving and recycling tips are;

– Switch off lights and appliances
– Put a lid on your pan when you cook (saves up to 90% of the energy needed and lots of time to and it cooks quicker)
– Don’t overfill your kettle, just what you need
– Take out from the fridge all the food you need at the same time

You can join the group on Facebook and be part of this amazing competition…and WIN WIN WIN!!!

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