International Dinner v2

International Dinner (v2)

Vietnamese Night!




As the last week, this one, we try Vietnamese cuisine.

I have to say, that was my fist time eating this kind of food, but I found it really delicious. And, apart for some specific vegetables, the rest of the food is easy to find.




The start of the night was peanuts, but, we had to eat them with chopsticks, it was really funny. Some of us didn’t know how to use them.

One the dishes we ate was pork with sweet and sour sauce. The other, was omelette with onion. Then salad and hot meat soup with tomatoes, and the end salad rolls.



Everything was so nice! We share the food sitting on the floor. I felt that moment so comfortable, because it was like being with my friends of a lifetime.


I really like these nights. It’s a perfect time to share different experiences, beliefs and ways to live in the rest of the world.