International Dinner v3

International Dinner (v3)

Romanian Night!


Let’s continue with this amazing tradition. But this time, Friday was the day to try a new food, to listen new music and dance!!



I have to say that everything was so delicious. We ate too much that day, but we were happy! At the beginning we drank  a nice shot of an strong drink



Then we ate a soup with vegetables. This was perfect because the weather here is getting colder and colder every day. I have to say that this soup remembered me to my hometown, because my father use to make a delicious vegetable soup in the cold day to get warm.



The next dish was polenta, eggs, cheese and pork.Until that day I didn’t know what polenta was, so I’m going to explain: It is a porridge made out yellow maize flour. It is soft and perfect to mix with different kind of food.

But then, we started the party!! As we were in our Rumanian Night,
we should learn some proper thing about the culture, so two of us were
very brave and danced a traditional Romanian dance for couples…and
because we only had one boy…we just did it between women. This was
so funny. Also, two of our friends made braids for us, they are very talented.


…we are doing a good decision going to this international nights!! one: Brazil!!