International Dinner v4

International Dinner (v4)

Italian Night!


This new year we will continue with international dinner. This time we enjoyed some delicious Italian dishes.

As you can image the food was amazing. But, we don’t eat pasta, lasagne or pizza. Because our lovely friend is from a region in the north of Italy, where they have traditional dishes that we didn’t know, so this time, we broke the paradigm of Italian food…you can eat more tan pasta there!

First, you have to know about the place where the food comes from: South Tyrol 

It is one autonomous province in northern Italy. The majority of the population is of Austro-Bavarian heritage and speaks German. Around a quarter of the population speak Italian as their first language, mainly concentrated in and around the two largest cities (Bolzano and Merano), and a small minority speak Ladin as their first language. Today, South Tyrol is among the wealthiest and most developed regions in Italy and the EU.

So, our friend is a mixture of different parts with a lot of things to share.

One of first things she shared with us was a really fresh drink called ‘Hugo’. It is a cocktail made from Prosecco, elderberry syrup, fresh mint and soda water.



Then the appetisers: bruschettas and bread made by Nicole (the hostess)







But the main dish was irresistible!… Knödel: round dumplings, made from white bread kneaded with other ingredients and include cheese and spinach. We ate this dish with cabbage salad side with bacon.









Finally, the dessert: Schneamilch, cut bread, and sweet cream are the main ingredients. But dried grapes, nuts are also added to the white bread which is either cut into cubes or slices. “Schneemilch” is cover the surface with lots of whipped cream, garnished with cinnamon, chocolate powder or grated chocolate.



I have to say that I really enjoyed this dinner, we learned and tried new food.



Next step…Germany!