International Dinner v5

International Dinner (v5)

German Night!



Our amazing German night started with delicious handmade bread. I have to say that this bead was amazing. I would say that in every culture or country, people tend to cook or prepare lot of thinks handmade, and I found that. Perfect!
There’s nothing better than try something that you know how was prepared.We ate the bread my butter, which make it taste really nice!




Of course…If we were with a German, we must to drink a proper drink…German Beer!
I love it!




Meat, cabbage and mashed potatoes! Delicious… I really enjoyed that day because, even the meat was handmade. So it was not the meat that you just find in Tesco. That one was carefully prepared for us!


And my favourite part: The dessert. If you like fruits, you would be happy eating this delicious fruit mix. Beautiful mix of colours and flavour!…and the best: easy to do in home

As always we say: This was the best idea ever!… the best part is sharing with all these amazing and wonderful people who every day make my day really happy!