International Dinner v6

International Dinner (v6)

Colombian Night!

Well… this time it was my turn of  hosting the international dinner in its version 6.

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I have to tell you how is preparing a special dinner like this one:

The menu was design to give them to try the most popular food in Colombia. So, I decided to prepare small portions of everything. Of course, everything was ready for the big event! And I started cooking in the midday. First, I cook the beans, because they are hard, so to make it softer, they should be in the pot long time. The next thing was the plantain and ‘arepas’ (corn cakes) and leave them ready to fry them later. And the last thing was prepare the accompaniments.

Because of the weather these days, I received my guests with hot ‘aguapanela’ which is made by sugar cane and hot water. It is a typical hot drink in my country.

Then I fried the ’empanadas’. These pastries are very popular in Colombia. They can make a good snack or a great lunch, like many other Colombia’s foods

Followed by the ‘patacones’ (fried plantain) and the ‘arepas’

Then, I served the beans. The idea was to mix flavours and colours in the way we do in Colombia.










And the dessert…an amazing cheese with ‘arequipe’ or sweet milk is a great and delicious toffee. All people love it. It’s really easy to make and you can eat it alone or with fruit, biscuits, toast or cheese.

Unfortunately, I do not have any picture of that…because I ate mine before someone could take a picture.