Living Birmingham!

Living Birmingham!


IMG_0029Almost one month ago I am living in this great city. I have to say that it is very different to London, and of course my home town. But, even though it is different, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have found really nice things, places and people in this city. I am really happy to be here. It is a beautiful and quiet city. It’s not only because Aston is based here. But their places are amazing.





I already mentioned Aston before, because it was the first place which receives me. It’s a central University, so is very close to the city centre, so you can have a nice walk.






I have seen the beautiful architecture like the Library of Birmingham. However, I found The Canal the most astonishing place. I don’t have word to describe it. But, I can say that this place make me feel peace and free like the wind and water! and even in the crowd in the night…The lights and all people there make it seems like a romantic and the perfect place to share and spend the whole time.


 Enjoy this amazing city!