Long Distance Relationship

Distance relationships

When I decided to come to Aston University to study, I knew, that I would spend more time far for my family and friend…and of course my boyfriend. But we talked about it. He was living with me in London. But our plans were different: in September/14, I came here and the next month (October/14) he went back to Colombia.

Well, this is not the first time we experience this situation. Before I came to the UK, the first time in 2013, my boyfriend had arrived to London four months earlier than me. However, that time was different from now, because I was so excited to come here, to live with him, to live new things. And because we planned to live together, we had to find somewhere to live that was suited for both of us. But because of the distance and because we were not used to being away from each other, then we argue occasionally.

Now, after we overcome that experience, and one year later, last year again we had to continue our lives on different paths. But, we always convinced to be together. Now we are more mature, and we have learned from the lessons from the previous experience to cope this moment. But I have to admit: It is not easy. He is living far away, in Colombia, which is in South America and we have 6 hour between us. That’s not fair!!. For him, it is not easy to come here to visit me and spend some time with me, because coming here is really expensive and take too long.

That’s why, If you find yourself in the same situation, you have to be creative and try to be together despite the distance. It is not only about casual calls, messages or emails…is more than that. I would say that is more about turning this experience from something bad to a special and new experience for the relation. I’m going to tell you what kind of thing you may try for your distance relationship.

1. Good communication: It is not only about communicating every day. It is about the quality of the communication. Because, if you do not have enough time for a long conversation, at least, it is important to know the real important things, such us his/her mood, feeling, thoughts…and do not forget to say nice words, and how much you miss your partner.

For example, we use a special app for couple. it has stickers and nice content to have a nice experience.
We are using a new one: Avocado!, but there are many apps to help you to build and maintain your relationship. Distance relationships have become popular over the years thanks to the digital revolution.

2. Do things together: Yes, it seems that sounds impossible, but it is not. Try to read or watch online series or movies at the same time. These are great ways to create experiences that may seem trivial. You can even go for a walk in the evenings, cooking or dinner, with the help of video calling. And of course, once you achieve being in the same space, do not lose this habit and enjoy together.

For example: We have cooked together. We love desserts, so one day, we make something easy and delicious.

These are two simple tips, you can find more information and in more detail on internet if you want. But for me, these two are working perfectly!