My reflective moment

How is being an international student?

Being an international student is as amazing as challenging.

For some people, the idea to travel around the world is the perfect way of life. You know, these people who do not stay in just one place, but they take every chance to go and travel. However, there are other people, who prefer stability and the feeling of belonging somewhere. I am the last one.

But my particular case is not only the story of someone who found in being an international student the best opportunity to travel, but also to find value in the small things. I am from a very far away country. For most of the people there, to have the chance to study abroad is one of the best opportunity life can give you. It is just that kind of gift that not all the people can have…Anyway, thank you to all the effort and support of my parents, I am here. In one of the most amazing countries, but also, one of my favorite ones.

It is wonderful when you are in the plane in your way to your new home. It is amazing when you realized that you are extremely happy in your new place, and it is better when you find incredible people and opportunities to continue you life there.

That was the way my story as international student started.

I think the best way to represent that status was by the International Ambassador Scheme. It gave the opportunity to share my own experience with other people and emphasize the importance of a multicultural environment. Aston University, have given me the space to develop myself in places and situation, where the value of each culture, country…each person is highly recognized. Because, people have different background and all this knowledge can add value and enrich the others’ mind.


Being an international student is the best way to enjoy everything in your new place. For you everything is new and have a huge potential to be tried, be ‘discover’ for you.  Every person you know wants to know about your country, culture and your experience, and you as well. You become a promoter of your country. In addition, you learn more skills for life, academic, and business environment…but I think the most important thing you learn is about RESPECT others.

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However, as I mentioned before. Being an international student could be problematic. To begin with the new culture, sometimes it is difficult to leave or change your way to do things. But then, you just get used to it. But there is something in the story that only those who have a strong link with their family, friends, culture, country…can understand. Homesick is not a good feeling. You can experience it when you arrive, or in the middle of your journey…but it is not easy to overcome. But off course, you fill your soul of reasons to continue with the best attitude because you have a dream. You want to finish your studies and make feel your family proud of you. You want to feel proud of yourself because you know how hard is being away from home to fulfill your dreams.

But here I found people how understand as well my situation, and share with me some feeling. I have found people who are like my family here and we take care of each other. I know, I will never find the same flavours of my traditional food here. I will never find in another part of the world, people who give the same love my parent give me. But I do not want that. Because I will find these things when I go back…I wanted to find here people, things and situation which make me feel comfortable, and show me how strong I am.

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