The academic year is finishing…

Dissertation Time

Almost 9 month ago, I was just packing to come to Birmingham. I had decided to stay one more year in the UK. I had decided to do my Master in one of the best UK’s universities. Many things have happened in these months, for example, the course modules. Also, I have been working in my part-time job since December of the last year, and I am planning to stay there until August. In addition, I am part of the International Ambassador Scheme in the Uni.

However, here we are, it is the middle of May. My classes have finished, but I still have to finish the most important piece of work of the whole course: The Dissertation.

I have to say, I feel really nervous. I have a big expectation about this project, but not only because of the grade I can get, but because of the relevance of the topic for my personal interest. When you have to start thinking in your dissertation, professors suggest you to choose one topic you really like, you feel passionate about it…in few words: one topic, which you feel that you can be totally involved in it. And now I can see the reason. Some days, you will feel in the mood to read and write…but others, you would found yourself in an ocean of doubts and confusion.

This is the very first time I write this kind of text. This has been a real challenge. But at the same time, it is a good way to improve some skill while you are writing that project. Because, at the beginning you do not know where to start, how to structure your writing, or when to start. But with the time it is easy to organise your own time and your ideas, you make a plan, and you start writing.

I am beginning to write my dissertation, and I hope take advantage of my free time wisely, to get a really good result of this piece of work.