Welcome to Aston!!!

Welcome to Aston!!!

Finally, I’m here. This is my first week in Aston University and I feel so happy and expectant. I even changed my look in order to begin my new life in Birmingham.

You can’t believe all my journey to come here. I left London at 7.30am on Saturday, in the middle of the rain with my luggage. Of course, as you can imagine I had a lot of thing to bring with me (How many things can you collect in one year!!?). So, my boyfriend had to come with me because I couldn’t bring all my things by myself. But I had to say good bye to London and come to Birmingham to start my dream to study my master.¬†Even that day was raining in Birmingham when we arrived, but I was excited to see my new accommodation and transform that simple room in my new home!

This week, we have many activities to attend, both social and ‘academic’ are very interesting. Maybe people will think that the academic ones are boring but, I really have to say that it’s not like that. I have been so impressed how enjoyable can be these activities. Of course, we have the opportunity to have tours around the city and the campus, parties every night, and others…but take a look, and you will agree with me. If making origami in a Leadership session is to boring for you…you are in the wrong place!



We still have a week before starting our courses, and we already have work to do!